Homeowners Insurance Inventory

An easy, but effective solution to build up your home insurance coverage—have you taken the extra steps?

Your home, condo, or apartment are your comfort and safety, an everyday commodity that requires proper attention.  Fortunately, Terril, Lewis & Wilke Insurance, Inc. hosts a homeowners insurance program that devotes the extreme care only a professional independent agent can provide.  Our team asks, however, that you take certain steps that, when properly implemented, build up the defenses around your home in the face of risks around the corner.  We encourage you to read on below and learn about a free, yet invaluable tool: homeowners insurance inventory.


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Should you need to file a claim, there is nothing more burdensome and stressful than trying to recall and substantiate the assets that make your home a great place to live.  That's where homeowners insurance inventory steps in, becoming an indespensable companion to your policy.  By taking comprehensive inventory, the claims process becomes far quicker and more effective than without it.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) educates and clarifies all forms of insurance for the public and we at Terril, Lewis & Wilke Insurance, Inc. highly recommend you give them a visit to learn more.

The III generously hosts Know Your Stuff®, a free software program available to all persons with homeowners, renters, or condo insurance.  Know Your Stuff® is a fully-customizable application, allowing you to map your home, account for your valuables, and store important information in the unfortunate event they must be replaced.  Users are able to access their inventory from anywhere, whether that's at home in Yakima or across the world.


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If you are interested in taking inventory, but would prefer to do so with your own resources, we invite you to download the physical homeowners insurance inventory sheets below.  Available as a free Excel file below, tour your home with the document, providing as many details as possible.  We highly encourage that you keep both digital and physical copies, as well as provide copies to close friends and family.  


      Download Home Insurance Inventory Sheet (Excel file)     

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